Nobody knows how to care for your Land Rover more than our factory certified service technicians here at Land Rover Buckhead. Our factory-trained technicians understand every aspect of your vehicle inside and out. When it comes to tires, our trained experts at Land Rover Buckhead know that the proper tires on your Land Rover provide excellent performance and handling on the Buckhead, Brookhaven, Peachtree Hills, Sandy Springs and Smyrna, GA roads and highways. You can rest  assured that Land Rover Buckhead has the right tires for your Land Rover. At Land Rover Buckhead we understand your vehicle from the tires up.

The tires on a vehicle generally encounter four different paths, based on the driving patterns of your vehicle. To ensure the longest possible performance and longevity of the tires on your Land Rover SUV, a tire rotation is recommended every 5,000 to 7,5000 miles. It is best to check the owner's manual for the precise figure for your vehicle. Rotating the tires at these suggested intervals allows for the wheel position to be blended with position of the next tire. This lets the wear patterns of the tires to remain even.

Periodic tire rotations do not correct the wheels themselves, which may lean in or out and also decrease stability and handling on the road.   A wheel alignment is recommended to correct each of the four wheels to the Land Rover factory specifications and provide your vehicle with the best handling and performance. A wheel alignment ensures that all four wheels on your vehicle are perfectly aligned to each other and provide a smooth driving experience. When you bring your car or SUV in for service at Land Rover Buckhead, we'll inspect your vehicle and let you know when a tire rotation and alignment are necessary.

Whether you need new tires, a tire rotation or wheel alignment, you can count on Land Rover Buckhead for all of your tire service needs. We're located at 3040 Piedmont Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30305. We proudly serve the Buckhead, Brookhaven, Peachtree Hills, Sandy Springs and Smyrna communities in the Metro Atlanta area.